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About Sunny Beach

  Sunny Beach is the largest and most attractive seaside resort along the Bulgarian shores of the Black Sea. Its design and development started more than half a century ago and since then the resort has become known as one of the most favoured summer holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world. Thanks to the large investments over the last years, Sunny Beach is gradually transforming from a purely seasonal resort into a nice place to live year round. It successfully fuses modern infrastructure with the inimitable combination of sea and mountains against the background of unique sand dunes


  The resort is located in an environmentally clean area – far from the crowded transport routes and the big cities. It is situated in a bay in the shape of a crescent facing east. The northern part of the resort is at the foot of the outermost heights of the Balkan Massif, where it borders the town St. Vlas. Its southern parts touch on Nesebar, a town located on a small peninsula. Sunny Beach has one of the most beautiful beaches along our Black Sea shores. They stretch for more than 8 km in length and their width varies from 30 to 60 m. Their sand is golden, exquisitely soft and fine, and at places it forms huge sand dunes. These unique natural landmarks are the habitat of numerous rare plants and animals. Among the sand dunes are preserved 16 rare plant species included in the Red Book of Bulgaria, which can be seen only here. Sunny Beach is also the first Bulgarian resort which in 1995 was awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ eco prize. Every year for a long time now the beaches of this resort have managed to win the eco prize thus ranking among the best beaches in Europe. There are many hotels in the resort, some of which are located in immediate proximity to the beach, and others are in the midst of a beautiful forest massif, among a great variety of trees.

  The climate in the region where the resort is located is oceanic climate, characterized with warm to hot summers pleasantly cooled by the fresh sea breeze, a mild winter with a short-lived snow blanket, a beautiful and sunny spring, and a mild autumn. In the territory of Sunny Beach there are hypothermal and highly mineralized water springs which offer excellent possibilities for healing water therapies and SPA procedures.
Every year Sunny Beach attracts millions of tourists not only with its remarkable natural resources, but also with the excellent service which meets the requirements of people of all ages and nationalities. Sunny Beach is a favourite destination of tourists from the UK, Germany and Scandinavia, and from Central and Eastern Europe. There are all kinds of accommodation possibilities in the resort – luxurious five-star compounds, hotels of all categories, villas, guest houses, apartment hotels.

  For those who want to feel the charm of the seaside evenings and nights, Sunny Beach offers a great variety of entertainment establishments and attractions: more than 300 restaurants serving a rich assortment of specialties from the local and the international cuisine, numberless bars, casinos, and the most popular and spectacular disco bars and nightclubs in Bulgaria. World famous DJs in the techno, house and trance genres attract thousands of fans in clubs of international fame such as Cacao Beach, Bedroom and Mania.

  Attractions and entertainment is also available for children. Sunny Beach is renowned as the Children’s Beach because here not only people but nature too is benevolent to the children – the clean healthy air, moderate climate, safe sandy beaches, absence of dangerous or predatory sea fauna, abundance of parks, playgrounds and other green areas. The calm shallow bay with its gradually slanting bottom has a lot of pools for children, fenced-in playgrounds with swings, slides and other facilities where kids can play.

  Also, there are diverse entertainment options for children such as merry games and competitions with prizes; the pleasure to erect sand towers on the beach; the possibility to have a dance in the children’s disco club, or just to make a drawing on the asphalt. There are two large aqua parks in the territory of the complex, which offer entertainment for the whole family.
Those who love water games can enjoy the great variety of slides, pools, rental water jets, water bikes, or they can go on a yacht trip. There are also entertainment options in the air, such as hang gliding, hot air ballooning, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc. Several amusement parks are open 24/7. If you like sports, you can enjoy everything from surfing, water skiing, water scooters, and rowing, to tennis, beach volleyball, sports field games, mini golf, skittles, bowling, horse riding, fitness, amateur and professional contests.
There is also entertainment for the art lovers: open air theatres, cinemas, concerts of world famous music stars, exhibitions set out in the context of the ancient town Nesebar, which is one of the oldest monuments under the protection of UNESCO (United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). With its 23 churches, the town has preserved great heritage of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine times.

  All those who love off-road adventures can enjoy the daily trips to the nearby mountain areas during which they can learn about old Bulgarian crafts and customs. There is also a regular bus service to Nesebar – 5 km, to Burgas – 35 km, to Varna – 95 km, as well as to any other part of the country. Short excursions to other parts of the country and abroad are organized by the great variety of tourist agencies operating in the territory of Sunny Beach. There are also three types of environmentally friendly transport – a mini train, cycle rickshaws and bicycles.

  Sunny Beach can equally well be recommended as a great place to spend a vacation to those who love to have a quite rest, to young people, and to families with children. Over the last couple of years there has been a very successful development of conference, sports, and SPA tourism in the best hotels of the resort.

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