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About the Developer

When we set up ‘Alexandrov Group’ we knew that we wanted to erect buildings that no one had ever seen before.
To achieve this we put in all our efforts and perseverance because we believed that was the right thing to do.
Our assiduous work and dedication drove us to one of the foremost leading positions on the construction market in Bulgaria.The fact that we have achieved so much by now only proves that in the future we will be even more demanding of ourselves.Today we can say with confidence that the results we have achieved make us believe that we are headed in the right direction and give us the privilege to dictate the new trends on the market.
Your needs, and most importantly your dreams, inspire us to construct not only what you need now but what you will want to have tomorrow.We are proud of our achievements because for 14 years we have managed to erect 82 buildings occupying more than 200 000 m2.But what is more important is that these buildings are of outstanding quality, architecturally aesthetic and excellently functional.Our complexes have become a symbol of modern construction with their green surroundings and exceptionally attractive price-quality ratio.
Submerge yourself in a world of beauty...
Indulge in moments of utter comfort and coziness and leave the stress of everyday life behind.
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