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FAQ – Sales Department

How to start your property search?

View offers on our website and when you select the property you are interested in, send us a letter with your questions using the request form in the option “Contact us”. If you wish to view you will have to inform us in advance. 

How can I book a property?

You will have to pay a deposit amounting to € 1 000 to the bank account of the company.

This payment will guarantee you that the property will no longer be offered to other customers being interested in. The amount is non refundable in case of a refusal to purchase on behalf of the client who have booked the property. In signing the preliminary contract the deposit is to be deducted from the last installment for the apartment.

How to make payments for the apartment?

Payments related to the apartment are paid in EUR only to the bank account of the company. Paying by credit / debit cards or in cash is not possible. 

Can I pay off the apartment I have booked in installments?

The company offers different payment schedules for each complex. You can get information about them by clicking on the option “Conditions of sale” set out in the information page for the complex where you have booked your apartment.

Are there any additional fees associated with purchasing an apartment?

Yes, besides the price of the apartment all customers pay the following amounts: 1000 EUR - preparation of title documents (the amount is payable only once), 480 EUR - maintenance (the amount is payable annually), 450 EUR - air conditioner (the amount is payable only once), 240 EUR - electrometer (the amount is payable only once) and 105 EUR - advance payment for electricity and water (the amount is payable only once).

What kind of payments may arise after obtaining the title deed?

Each customer who obtains a title deed is obliged to declare his/her property to the tax office of the relevant municipality and to pay the annual tax due. For your convenience, the Management and Rental Department at each complex gives the owners an offer, called “Platinum package” that will save you the unnecessary paperwork and will ensure you the timely registration of your property. To familiarize yourself with all the advantages of this offer, please click here.

What does the term Bulstat card mean?

Any individual within 7 days from the date of registration of the ownership of the property in the form of a title deed must submit an application for the issuance of a Bulstat card. The card is plastic, the size of a credit or debit card showing the name of the property owner, date of birth, property address and identification number (BULSTAT code) of the cardholder. By this identification number only the owner may submit documents to declare his/her property to the respective territorial tax office. In the event that you request from us to assume the obligation of issuing a Bulstat card in your name, please contact our Sales Department at the coordinates given.

What is the stage of completion of the apartment?

The apartments are finished at the following stage of completion:

ceilings: - latex; window and door frame glazing: - plastic with glass-block; entrance-door: - MDF; interior doors: - MDF; electrical appliances - installed and operating:- electrical switches and plugs; lighting fittings, External walls: thermal insulation and mineral plaster; Air conditioner: – 1 pc. The completion of the apartments does not include: laying laminate flooring in the apartments and final completion of the bathroom. If the customers request from our company to finish these two components, it will cost 480 EUR - laying laminate flooring and 480 EUR – finishing the bathroom.

How does heating and cooling of the apartments operate?

By means of conventional air conditioners.

Can I close the deal without attending?

Yes, if you are busy and you have no opportunity to travel to close the deal, you may grant a power of attorney to our company representative to represent you on the day of closing the deal. This is a common practice nowadays due to the dynamics and pressure of work of our customers. Representation at closing a deal is part of the services we offer and there is no additional charge.

How do I get my title deeds?

You can receive them in our office or by mail - it depends entirely on your requirements. Usually, title deeds are ready few days after closing the deal.

Can I live all year round in the property I have acquired?

Yes, all complexes built by the company are closed type of complexes and all year-round living therein is absolutely possible. A large percentage of the owners who have bought therein several years now live in their properties throughout the year. 

Whom should I address all my questions related to the apartment immediately after obtaining the title deed?

All issues related to the management of the apartment should be referred to the Management Department of the relevant complex. The coordinates of managers can be found by clicking here.

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